August 8, 2010

In the face of a stranger...

"Afghan Girl" Steven McCurry 1985

Photographic brilliance brought to you by Steven McCurry...part travel photographer, part photo journalist. Above, one of his most famous photographs- known throughout the world as "Afghan Girl " after her face graced the cover of National Geographic, June 1985. His work proves that, brilliance is all around us even in the face of a stranger. Eloquently he has said, "when walking in the streets I am opened up to a certain kind of person, a person who will speak to me in a very profound way, and once I find that person, I get very excited. I suddenly get enthusiastic, and I think my enthusiasm is infectious and suddenly we have chemistry, this sort of bond where I am enamoured with them and how they look and how they present themselves ". No doubt a bond that captures human struggle and human joy in sublime magnificence.

Tibet- Steven McCurry 2000

India- Steven McCurry 2010

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