September 16, 2010

Eddie Vedder + Johnny Depp...need I say more.

Here is a little treat to start the day, end the day or heck for anytime of day. Eddie and Johnny performing Society at the Voices for Justice Rally in Little Rock last month, August 28th 2010.
Originally written by Vedder as the score for the 2007 movie Into The Wild- the story of Chris McCandless who in the early 90's at 24 years old from a privileged family hiked to the Alaskan wilderness in pursuit of a certain sort of solitude he could not find in his own up all of his worldly possessions, intoxicated by nature and the desire to live completely free of all the trappings of modern life, he took off. Although the tail ended tragically, to this day he has devoted followers that look to him as a saint. To most his actions seem extreme, but if even for just a moment it makes you think about how much as humans we think we need versus what truly makes life worth living... perhaps his plight was worth it. The lyrics say it best. "We have a greed with which we have think you have to want more than you need, until you have it all you won't be free ". Makes you think about what it is that really makes you free or makes you a prisoner to the greed.

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