November 30, 2010

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

At the moment favorites...Doing something different, with a non-traditional wreath for the holidays, or the fascination with making an ordinary photograph a little less ordinary with color manipulation, in an over the top head dress and with and a thought that makes you think about taking a risk so something different happens.

Accidental Brilliance Gift Guide for...The Preppy Princess

...for the Preppy Princess in your life. The girl who loves a little something classic.

1.Jonathan Adler Palm Beach Pillows here 2. Kate Spade Shoe here
3. Iomoi coasters here 4. Kate Spade Great Gatsby Clutch here
5. Tom Ford Karina Havana glasses 6. J.Crew ring here
7. Iomoi monogrammed tote here 8. Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Candle here
9. Hermes wrap bracelet

Tunes For A Tuesday...William Fitzsimmons


November 29, 2010

Accidental Brilliance Gift Guide for...The Boho Beauty

Tis' the season and kicking things off a round of gift guides each day this week. First up some great ideas for the free spirited Boho Beauty in your life...

1. Suki Skin Oil available here 2.Wrap Bracelet here 3.Peggy Wolfe Cards available here
 4. Judith Leiber Bag here5. Tocca Candle here 6. Jonathan Adler iPhone Case here
7. Frye Harlow Bootie here 8. Ikat Pillows here 9. Lomography Diana Camera here
10. Turkish Towels and Hand Bowl here

Monday Muse...Ms. Drew Barrymore

Muse worthy for the way she does dressed up or dressed down with the same ease and laid-back glamorous cool...and for the tousled messy hair.

Monday Must Have Superfood and Supplement Series...Cinnamon

Cinnamon...who would have guessed that this ancient spice is crazy good when it comes to nutritional value. Studies have shown that just a half teaspoon does wonders to lower cholesterol, combat heart disease, help relieve headaches, aid in weight loss, reduce muscle stiffness, act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, boost the immune system and that is just the beginning of the amazing things this wonder spice can do. And the best part is, it is so easy to add a little bit of it in each day, sprinkle it on a sliced apple or in your coffee or add it to a warm cider...spice up your life a little and reap the benefits.

November 28, 2010

Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + A Song from Nico Stai...

"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent "  -Buddha


November 27, 2010

Meet Me Here and Wear One Of These...

                          ...for a few sun soaked days and a little late night debauchery.

Phuket overlooking the Andaman Sea

November 26, 2010

...for a Billie Holiday inspired flower tucked in the hair, to the flat out all around old school glam of Marlene Dietrich, to the pop of a bright red lip and a simple black bow added to a sequin party dress.

Rustic Chic...

There is something about a fall weekend away...and even if you can't escape, you can still bring a little rustic country chic into the city this fall. Worn in wood, basket weaves, warm burnt sienna and rich brown fabrics, piles of pine cones, lots of candles and friends and family to share it all with.

Accidental Brilliance Friday Fall Favorites...

Friday fall favorites...a pretty pot of tea with honey and a warm homemade scone,
sexy hats and nerdy glasses, a pair of perfect party shoes and a custom made address stamp to dress up holiday cards.

1. barefoot contessa scone recipe here 2. glasses Oliver Peoples 3. Christian Louboutin 4. address stamp here

November 25, 2010


LOVE... each of us it means something different and can be found in places you least expect. In an instant it can change your life. Sometimes it is simple and other times complicated. On occasion it even happens briefly with a stranger on the street or forever with a life long friend...It sneaks up on you at the oddest times, like after seeing a painting or in the way a bite of a perfect pink macaroon melts in your mouth. It is around us all time...all we have to do is look for it, well that and love this life and love yourself.

November 24, 2010

Inspired By...

...inspired by the decadence of Marie Antoinette. By the "let them eat cake" attitude.
By the fancy cakes, crinoline and lace, the over the top feminine grace.

1. christian louboutin 2. la maison du chocolat macaroons 3. chrysanthemum jewelry roll 4. miss dior perfume
5. d.l. & co. candle set at barneys

All set...

Festive, simple and elegant...with just a pear, pineapple, tiny pumpkin sprayed in gold, bunch of wheat, a few flowers and a handmade place card the table is set.

November 23, 2010

Tunes for a Tuesday...James Vincent McMorrow


Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

At the moment favorites...a clever illustration painted on a paper bag, piles of perfect plush pastel cashmere sweaters, the beauty of one solitary flower bud and layers of  turquoise beads against a simple white blouse.

November 22, 2010

Accidental Brilliance Shops For...

...sweet pears in a reclaimed Thai mangowood bowl , a trio of fragrant rosemary bushes, a scented candle and candle snuffer or a decadent breakfast basket for the next morning. Whether you send it before you arrive, bring it with you or have it delivered after, your hostess deserves a little special somethin' as a thanks.

1. Harry & David pears and bowl available here  2. Sur La Table rosemary bushes here 3. Diptyque candle & snuffer here
4. Dean & Deluca breakfast basket here

Monday Muse...Ms. Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie the muse for the way she captures 40's glam and makes it perfectly modern day accessible...and for the reminder to add in a little inspiration from whatever decade you identify with.

Monday Must Have Superfood and Supplement Series...Vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is one of the best remedies to speed up the recovery of a cold...but why wait until you have a cold to up your dosage. Whether you add more vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables into your diet, start doubling your normal daily supplement dose or add it in a cream or serum on your skin, you gotta get more of this stuff into your life.  It nourishes the immune system in remarkable ways, helps prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, helps in the fight against cancer and significantly enhances the overall health of the skin and the production of collagen, better known as the stuff that helps make our skin not wrinkle or sag...need I say more. Two of my fav tried and true ways besides the good old orange to pump up your C...add a serving of superfood goji berries, which by the way have more vitamin C per serving than an orange and for the skin Kate Somerville's Total Vitamin Serum. I mean who doesn't want more glowing skin and a chance to take a sick day off and not be sick !

November 21, 2010

Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + A Song from Schuyler Fisk...

" No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path...He is able who thinks he is able " - Buddha


November 19, 2010

Accidental Brilliance Friday Fall Favorites...

Friday fall fall flower and fruit ideas for the thanksgiving table,  a recipe for toffee apple and pear crumble from Sophie Dahl's sweet cookbook, a pair of sparkly heels for dressing up the holidays and the reminder to always be true to you.

1. vases & urns here  2. cookbook here  crumble recipe here 3. kate spade glitter slingbacks

Simple, neutral and classic...trousers, sweaters, shoes, belts and bags.

trousers & turtleneck ralph lauren, belt hermes, shoes christian louboutin, cashmere sweater & sequin pant michael kors

November 18, 2010

Playin' on repeat today...Echo and The Bunnymen


Things that caught my eye on a walk...

things that caught my eye...photographs by Accidental Brilliance Soho, NYC

...Mick Jagger plastered to a building on spring & wooster street, a picture perfect bench beneath a marigold yellow tree and the collection of leaves that piled as the wind blew, a bucket of fresh cranberries soaking for the holidays and flowers sitting patiently waiting to go home with someone. And her...all cool with her shades, torn from a spiral notebook and tacked up on the wall for everyone to see. Soho in the fall.

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

November 17, 2010

Inspired By...

...inspired by Laurel Canyon and the mystique of the eucalyptus scented mini utopia famously colonized in the late 60's by a collection of free spirited musicians in the Hollywood Hills. Nostalgic for the laid-back ease and continually inspired by the ladies of the canyon and the music that filled the air.

1. postino bag here   2. calypso blouse 3. lucky earrings  4. paige laurel canyon jeans here 5. boots here
6. sheepskin rug here 7. sisal basket here

November 16, 2010

Crowning glory...

...a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of stars.


" Each one has to find his peace from within...
   And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances. " - Gandhi

Gandhi statue, Union Square NYC photographed by Accidental Brilliance

Tunes for a Tuesday...Whitley


Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

At the moment favorites...a little old school cool thanks to Keith Richards, a little old school glamour dressed in long white gloves, some leopard high jinx happening in a phone booth and a motto to live by.

November 15, 2010

Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse(s)...Ms. MK Olsen & Ms. Ashley Olsen

Muse worthy for the way they mix, match, and rock everything they wear with their own twist...these girls never seem to stop giving in the inspiration department.

Monday Must Have Superfood and Supplement Series...Dry Brushing

Assuming you are taking your vitamins and suppplements, eating a balanced diet, doing your best to not use creams and cosmetics with chemicals and unhealthy additives and surrounding yourself with positive inspiring people, what else can you do to take the best care of yourself...Dry Brushing. We all know that our skin is the largest organ of the body but, did you also know that the skin is the most eliminative organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body's detoxification each day. The skin eliminates over one pound of waste acids each day and dry brushing is one of the best ways to aid in this process. So what are the benefits ? Dry brushing removes dead skin layers, strengthens the immune system, removes cellulite, cleanses the lymphatic system, tightens the skin, helps digestion and stimulates circulation to name just a few. And best of all it doesn't take much effort...before your shower each morning simply begin brushing at the feet and continue brushing the entire body using upward strokes, finish your shower with a blast of hot, hot water and then cold, cold water to really get your circulation going. For sure one of the best ways to begin your day on an invigorated foot.

November 14, 2010

Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + A Song from Bombay Bicycle Club...

" Fools want for a lucky day but every day is a lucky day for an industrious man...your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. "  - Buddha


November 13, 2010

Weekend getaway...

Pack a bag he said, I have a surprise for you...unsure where he was taking her but, sure that she trusted him she hopped in his truck and they drove out of the city. As they pulled up to the cabin she asked, where are we ?  Home he said, I built this tiny cabin for us. As the years passed they spent many fall weekends there, he built the fires while she read aloud to him from whatever book they decided to read together that was where they fell in love, where they decided to start a family and where they returned each fall to remind themselves how lucky they were to have found each other...

November 12, 2010

...for the ultra feminine appeal of a beaded head piece versus the masculinity of a strong shouldered blazer, for the hint of bra strap and the perfection of a well worn bag...distressed and lived in.

Clever Idea + Wise Thought

...for the little artist in your life. This is such a simple and clever way to display artwork and encourage kids to paint and create. Give them their own mini gallery for their creations. This would even be great for a home office filled with a changing group of inspiring tear sheets from magazines or photographs...and here is a wise thought to add to the wall.

Accidental Brilliance Friday Fall Favorites...

Friday Fall Favorites...stocking up on all the ingredients for stacks of fluffy flapjacks for an indulgent weekend breakfast in bed, leather and gold wrap bracelets piled with whatever favorite bracelets and watch you are currently wearing, a slouchy velvet blazer in place of a sweater and cozy throw blankets to whip out as the temperature gets chillier. And if you are out shopping for holiday gifts who wouldn't love any or all of these under the tree.

1. flapjack mix available here 2& 3. club monaco available here 4. blankets available here

Black or White...

...or how about both of these perfect little dresses...along with the hat, necklace and shoes from Australian favorite Strummer. Check out the entire line here.

November 11, 2010

Inspired By...

...inspired by Venice Beach, in particular the food and decor of Gjelina...a great Venice Beach restaurant with a menu full of inspiring ideas for fabulous fall menus at home. Wood roasted asparagus with lemon and manchego cheese, pizza with mushrooms, goat cheese and truffle oil and mussels with chorizo, tomato, white wine and grilled bread. No need to look at your cookbook collection for ideas tonight, check out the rest of the menu at Gjelina here for more delicious ideas. And here are two simple recipes for the asparagus and the mussel ideas here and here to get you started...beachy bon appetito to ya !

1.gjelina dining room, 2. dutzi designs bag available here 3. rayban rose aviators 4.mohair wraps available here
 5. rag & bone motorcycle boot


               ...i'll be your blackbird darlin, hanging on your telephone line - the black keys

November 10, 2010

Filling in the cracks...The Dispatchwork Project

With the vision of fixing crumbling and damaged walls Jan Vorman an artist based in Berlin devised the Dispatchwork project in 2007. He began filling holes and spaces with a favorite part of childhood...the lego. One lego at a time he has inspired people around the world to get involved. Vorman is keen on everyone getting in on the project and fixing up whatever corner of the world they live in...neat idea.

check out his website here for more details and cool pictures 

Hittin' the road...

There is just so much goodness goin' on here...the hair, headband, piles of bracelets, bag, v-neck tee, coat, eye make-up and best of all the possible storyline...lost without him she decided to pack a bag. Who knew where the road might take her, all she knew was she needed him and she needed the adventure...

November 9, 2010

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

At the moment favorites...simplicity, simplicity, the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Sophia Coppola , in the simple appeal of white and the virtue of kindness and the simplicity of handcrafted gifts for the upcoming holidays.

1. clutch- louis vuitton collaboration with Sophia Coppola  3. home via atlanta homes 4. handmade spoons available here

Tunes For A Tuesday...The Veils


Meet Me Here and Wear One Of These...

For a long lazy afternoon with, good friends, good food and good times. And as the sun goes down, the drinks get stronger and the candles get lit wrap up in one of these...

November 8, 2010

Love Story...

Take three separate photos by three different photographers and somehow there is one little love story... for him it was love at first sight, even though they were just strangers on a bench curious about the possibility of love... it didn't take long before they were tangled up in love...and even after all these years each day when he got home he would line his shoes up at the door beside hers and theirs...once strangers now a family.

Who is that hanging on the wall ?

There is something so interesting about adding a portrait to a room...but not of yourself or someone you know. Love the idea of adding art with an image of someone you don't know and dreaming up the story of their life as they hang on the wall.

Monday Muse...Ms Elle Macpherson

Muse worthy for the way she does casual...pulled together and chic all the while still totally down to earth. Simple with a little twist here and there.