November 22, 2010

Monday Must Have Superfood and Supplement Series...Vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is one of the best remedies to speed up the recovery of a cold...but why wait until you have a cold to up your dosage. Whether you add more vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables into your diet, start doubling your normal daily supplement dose or add it in a cream or serum on your skin, you gotta get more of this stuff into your life.  It nourishes the immune system in remarkable ways, helps prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, helps in the fight against cancer and significantly enhances the overall health of the skin and the production of collagen, better known as the stuff that helps make our skin not wrinkle or sag...need I say more. Two of my fav tried and true ways besides the good old orange to pump up your C...add a serving of superfood goji berries, which by the way have more vitamin C per serving than an orange and for the skin Kate Somerville's Total Vitamin Serum. I mean who doesn't want more glowing skin and a chance to take a sick day off and not be sick !

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