December 31, 2010

Use Your Voice...

Inspired by this arm filled with lots of goodness, I went looking for what looked like braided fabric bracelets and found a beautiful way to end the year. Although not exactly the same bracelets, I found something better...hand-crafted bracelets made by women in Rwanda working for a fair-trade company called Same Sky, a company with the mission  of empowering and inspiring women worldwide. During the Rwandan genocide in 1994 sadly, 70% of the female population were infected with AIDS and left impoverished. With the intention of helping these women rebuild their lives Same Sky pays these women ten times the average wage in sub-Saharan Africa and provides them transport to and from work and a daily meal in exchange for crafting these bracelets. Same Sky has proudly given these beautiful women hope for the future.

Bracelets and more information about Same Sky available here 

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