January 12, 2011

Dedon...not just an outdoor furniture company.

How cool is that setup ? Just about as cool as the story behind the company that created the furniture. Dedon outdoor furniture was the brainchild of Bobby Dekeyser a former goalie for The Bayern Munich soccer club. After an injury to the face he decided to leave the game to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Unsure how he would make it happen, he knew one thing, he wanted to start a company and the idea was simple " to work with family and friends in a nice environment, creating beautiful things. " And the company is not only building one-of-a-kind furniture, they are expanding the idea to one-of-a-kind vacation experiences. Although it is in the beginning stages the description of the idea sounds intriguing. " Meeting up with partners all over the world we're always discovering incredible places. From ski chalet to island hideaway, African wilderness lodge, tree house, igloo, boat or city harbor hotel, a reflection of our company's nomadic spirit. For people who want to push themselves a little farther, to go beyond the typical luxury experience". Sign me up !

Dedon's famous Nestrests...the perfect place to hang.

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