January 4, 2011

Destinations. Coqui Coqui. Tulum, Mexico

Ever since the first time I read about this spot a few years ago I have been seduced. Coqui Coqui is a stone house with a palm-thatched roof that was built by Nicolas Malleville a successful model who was intrigued with theYucatan and his desire to start a perfumery. He had read about the history of the Yucatan's scents and flora. It is said that the Franciscan monks with the help of the Mayans had gathered and chronicled the aromas of the tropical flowers and spices for Spanish royalty.  He built this house and began distilling his own perfume. Friends started showing up to visit and the only way he could keep the party going was to turn it into a small inn to help make some extra money. With the ocean to wake you in the morning, stars to lull you to sleep at night and an ultra luxe holistic spa, this place remains on the top of my list.

Owner Nicolas Malleville and girlfriend Francesca Bonato

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