February 28, 2011

Etro Fall 2011...From The Runway

Can't stop looking at how gorgeous the patterns of Etro's Fall 2011 collection were last week in Milan. It's always so interesting to me how when you look at one thing the mind travels to something completely unrelated and makes a natural connection. All the patterns and colors instantly reminded me of elaborate mosaics and beautifully colored tiles which always, always catch my eye...

photos via NY Magazine, An Indian Summer, The HouseHome

Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Alpha Lipoic Acid

Did you know that when it comes to healthy skin Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most powerful antioxidant supplements you can take, hundreds of times more potent than vitamin C or E. But what does that really mean ? It means better skin tone and texture and less wrinkles now or later. Alpha Lipoic Acid also plays a tremendous role in cell turnover and cell regeneration and plays a role in repairing the DNA of our skin to prevent skin cancer. Health experts also say that it helps other vitamins work more effectively to rebuild cells damaged by pollution and the wear and tear of our day to day life. Whether taken as a supplement or in one of the creams on the market, Nicolas Perricone has a really great line of creams high in Alpha Lipoic Acid, I never miss a day of this stuff. We only get this one body, so don't you agree...treat it right, you deserve it.

Ms. Mary Kate Steinmiller...Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse

...muse worthy for the way she uses the coat, leather, wool, embellished and especially denim as the key piece to really pull a whole look together. So much great inspiration especially as the weather warms up and you can leave the heavy coat in the closet.

Mary Kate Steinmiller- Associate Market Editor, Teen Vogue

images via Vanessa Jackman, The Sartorialist, We Heart It

February 27, 2011

Simple Sunday Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin' from Marvin Gaye...

" Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others. Consider only what by oneself is done or left undone. " - Buddha

                           Marvin Gaye- I Want You
                           This live rehersal is priceless...so good.

February 25, 2011

Joni Mitchell. Deposit For The Style Files...

...this lady has had a permanent spot in my Style Files for as I long as I can remember. There has just always been something so natural and honest about her sense of style and her music, her music...


... live 1969 in Big Sur, California. If you ever the get the chance to get to Big Sur, go...one of the most special places I have ever been, truly a magical little place. And if you want to read an interesting book about Joni and her time spent living in the storied Laurel Canyon, I highly recommend Laurel Canyon by Michael Walker.
images via LastFM.com 

Inspired By...

Inspired by everything about this photograph for Joie's new Spring campaign making the rounds in all the magazines lately and once I got finished falling in love with Erin Wasson's perfect messy waves, that simple great sweater and her gold rings I got stuck on those killer kilim rug pillows she is lounging on...

...rounded up a few other kilim creations that caught my eye. The pillows which are one of a kind and made from reclaimed kilims are from a great shop called the Community Shop at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, a really cool outpost of their West Hollywood shop where everything is made by artisans and craftsmen in America. 

...and isn't that rug beautiful under that great dining room table, hard to believe it is just one rug but it is, also one of a kind, pieced together from a number of vintage kilims by Loom in Australia, check out the rest of their stuff here.

bottom left photo via cover of VOGUE Living Australia, right via the househome

Accidental Brilliance At The Moment Favorites...

At the moment favorites...the appeal of low to the ground beds with layers of blankets and pillows, long and flowing dresses a la Nanette Lepore on the NY runway last week and the simplest and smartest advice...Love More + Worry Less, enough said.

February 24, 2011


Inspiration found...in the beauty of Lauren Bacall in a mint dress, the appeal of a man adding a little pattern and color by way of a great scarf, the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer and the reminder that whatever you do, do it with love, always.

images via the ballad of dorothy parker and fffound

February 23, 2011

Gucci Fall 2011 vs. The Artwork of Holton Rower

Slightly mesmerized by the crazy saturation of color, that Gucci sent down the runway for Fall in Milan today. Nothing was practical but everything about the varying shades of jewel tones were almost hypnotic, like a technicolor dream...

The show reminded me of the artwork of Holton Rower, he "pours" layer upon layer of  paint on surfaces like three dimensional wood sculptures. The effect is psychedelic and a totally hypnotic technicolor cool process to watch. Check out his other work here


Use Your Voice...

Whenever I come across a cause or charity I believe in I try to share a way we can all help and Use Your Voice, staying true to my belief that is all the small things that we do that make the biggest impact in the end. After reading that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood for federal funding, I went looking for ways to help or at least make my tiny voice heard. The Planned Parenthood organization for many women is the only way they get access to health care. The proposal will cut funding for HIV testing, cancer screenings, birth control , and more, putting women and families at a tremendous risk. The Planned Parenthood website has an open letter to the representatives who signed the bill and the Senators who can stop this that you can sign, it takes seconds to fill out. Above the letter they encourage everyone to tell anyone they know about this in the hopes of raising awareness of this dangerous attack on women's health. Join me and sign the letter here. It doesn't matter what your politics or beliefs are, this is about helping women and keeping them healthy.

Adele...Playin' on Repeat Today

Not sure if it is just Adele's amazing voice or the sentiment and lyrics, both beautiful and so heartbreaking but, I just can't stop listening to this song. And an added bonus Adele recorded it in her home so you get a little peak into her space as well as the story behind the song...this is so worth a listen and if you have ever been heartbroken it makes you realize that even though it doesn't seem like it at the time, the heart always mends and you are stronger after for it...one of the more beautiful realizations in life. Take a listen...

          Adele- Someone Like You

Can't take my eyes off...

...can't take my eyes off the ink on her hand and the ink on the page of this love note, the way her head rests safely on his shoulder and the way he pulls back her hair just before whispering in her ear.

Accidental Brilliance Wednesday Wisdom...

Je t'aime...

 No secret that I love almost all things Hermes, a few months ago I came across their new(ish) website  J'aime mon Carre. The site is packed full of inspiration, like these great ideas for their classic scarves or any scarf you might have...

February 22, 2011

The Cure...Tunes for a Tuesdsay

                     The Cure- Lovesong
                     ...one of the best songs by The Cure. Classic.

Daily Haiku by Tyler Knott

Sometimes it just takes a few words to say the most. I can't remember how I first stumbled upon Tyler Knott's website but ever since, I try to make it part of my day to take a minute to read his daily haiku on love. He writes a haiku each day in honor of love. Such a simple concept but if you've ever tried to write a haiku you know it is not a simple task. Each haiku he writes which traditionally consists of three lines, the first and last line 5 syllables, and the second line 7 syllables, somehow just fit right into the spaces in your heart...

February 21, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

Wedges available over here. Black pant and top here by HIGH, their entire line is worth a look...here are just a few favorites. They make you want to take a trip to the country.

Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Tumeric

So although tumeric is what helps make Indian food delicious and is one of the most vibrant exotic colors, there is much more to it, there are so many health benefits to this spice that it is considered one of nature's most powerful healers. This relative of ginger when added to the diet boosts the bodies immune system and is proven to protect against illness and disease. It has been proven to help treat high blood pressure, credited with the potential to inhibit the growth of certain cancers and is being studied to help in the fight against Alzheimer's. The most active component in tumeric is curcumin. It has been used with success to aid in fat metabolism and weight management. It is also said to help with joint pain and help with the detoxification process in the body. I say it sounds like adding a little spice to your life never sounded so good. Here are a few different curry paste recipes from fav Jamie Oliver to get the spices flowin.

photo by Mario Testino

Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse...Ms. Camilla Belle

...muse worthy for the way she uses solid blocks of color, the simplest way to brighten up the winter blues a bit until the sun comes back out.

February 20, 2011

Simple Sunday Wisdom of Buddha + A Song from Rosi Golan...

 " Develop the mind of equilibrium. You will always be getting praise and blame, do not let either affect the poise of mind...follow the calmness " - Buddha

                          Rosi Golan featuring William Fitzsimmons- Hazy

...struck each time I listen to this song how gentle it is. A bit of calm each and every time.

Inspired By...Isabel Marant

Inspired by...designer Isabel Marant in her work studio. Always neat to see where someone creates and finds inspiration. 

...and with Spring right around the corner, a couple favorite looks from her latest Spring 2011 collection.

images of Isabel in her studio ELLE UK via Backyard Bill

February 18, 2011

L'Wren Scott Fall 2011...From The Runway

...but before we get to her collection, a little something from her beau Mick, from a performance in Paris 1975.


...ok now let's get down to the fashions. This collection had a little bit of everything that makes a collection worthy, a little bit ladylike glam, a little bit of sexy, a little rock n rolla', a few pops of color, patterns and a perfect black dress...a wardrobe fit for the girlfriend of a rock star no doubt.

...and if you need another dose of Mick and the boys check out these great old pics I posted last year.

It's the small things...

There is something so special about having something that only you have...unique because there is not another one like it on the planet, and it doesn't have to be something ridiculously extravagant, don't you agree sometimes it's the small things...

...these bracelets just take my breath away, they are from Goldenink a duo of artists who create unique hand crafted, hand painted pieces fired in their own kiln, no two are the same. And these tiny fortune cookie coin purses designed by Diana Eng have the sweetest little story. She rescues remnants of leather from the garment district before it gets thrown away and recycles it into these tiny purses, each one has it's own number so you can track it's origin. To see more of Goldenink's collection click on over here and you can find the fortune cookie purse over here.

Fur for Fall 2011...From The Runway to The Home

FUR was one of the biggest trends on the Fall 2011 runway. Not really a big fan of wearing fur in excess, but I have to admit, some of the more unexpected colors and shapes that came down the runway really caught my eye and got me thinking about translating them into inspiration, maybe even for the home...

 images via- runway coverage in NY Magazine, The House Home, fuschia sofa image via Details by Lili Diallo

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

At the moment favorites...the idea of neutral shoes and bags with accessories in a painter's palette of colors for interest.

1. Marc Jacobs bangles 2. Juicy Couture rope bracelets 3. MARC by Marc Jacobs bag 4. Lise Scarves
5. Demeter Ankle Boot. Tunic and pant in photo available here

Love what she is wearing...

...for the pile of perfection on her wrist, to a cape or a winter white coat for these days that are still cold but teasing us with glimpses of Spring, to the ability of an Hermes bag and a pair of Ray Bans to make even the most simple jeans and top look chic, and to the way a head scarf and glasses just says laid back but oh so glam.

images via clockwise-  Dear Alexandra, photo shot by Garance Dore, Just Jared, DKNY, Dear Alexandra

February 17, 2011

Trendspotting. The Dress for Fall 2011...

...flowing 70's silhouettes seemed to walk down more than a runway or two for Fall 2011. In solids, stripes, velvets, prints, color blocking and all different size patterns it is safe to say this look is making it's way back around in a strong way. The great thing is, it doesn't matter whether you swing more on the classic preppy side or the eclectic boho side of the pendulum it works both ways.

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

February 16, 2011

Vanessa Paradis...Playin' on repeat today

...you know those songs that pop up when you hit shuffle on your i-pod that just automatically makes you hit repeat ? This song by singer, model and actress Vanessa Paradis was one of those songs today, off her 1992 album which was written and produced by her then boyfriend Lenny Kravitz. She is also one of those women that no matter how many pictures of her I see, she remains one of the most beautiful women with great personal style...all that and she gets to live with Johnny Depp, not bad right ?


...if you feel like a little more music, I love this one featured here last year on Accidental Brilliance by her other half Johnny Depp with my fav Eddie Vedder...it's worth it.  

A Detacher Fall 2011...From The Runway

...simple, sexy and super smart.This collection with it's perfect combination of collegiate cool and laid back glam paired with tights and what look like perfect wooden wedges, puts it way up high on my list of favorites.

remember these A Detacher ankle boots that made it into the Accidental Brilliance Friday Fall Favorites last year...still love em'.

images via NY Magazine

Can't Take My Eyes Off...

...this slightly blurred black and white photo, love etched on a frosted window, her wrist full of arm candy and this incredible watercolor inspired dress.

images clockwise: via Flair Magazine July 2005, via That Girl, Fendi Bracelets, ASOS dress

Accidental Brilliance Wednesday Wisdom...


Inspiration found...in the 70's cool of Stevie Nicks, the sunglassed smile of Natalie Wood, the natural beauty of Ricki Lee Jones and flowing hair of Jane Fonda.

February 15, 2011

Trendspotting. Fall 2011 Metallic + Electric...

...looks like heavy metals and electric blues are making a big impact on the runway for Fall 2011. In love with that Victoria Beckham dress and that Derek Lam blouse, one word, cool.

images via NY Magazine

Shake The Dust... Anis Mojgani

In a world where we now type words sometimes more often than we say them aloud, it is people like spoken word poet Anis Mojgani that remind us that when strung together well, there is nothing more inspiring, healing, sometimes upsetting and almost lyrical than words. He has often been called a "geek genius", I would just say genius. This is one of my favorites called Shake The Dust...


" Do not let one moment go by that doesn't remind you that your heart beats a hundred thousand times a day...do not settle...shake the dust "

Above and Beyond...

...just love the idea of above the counter sink basins lately, something about them just adds something to even the most modern bathroom. These four are a few pretty perfect examples.

images via the house home, all things stylish, we heart it