February 14, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse...Linda & Paul McCartney

...muse worthy especially on Valentine's day for their story of love. A few years ago I read a story written about them and when Paul was asked about Linda he said, " she was very beautiful...beautiful hands, absolutely no make-up, just the structure of her face. The argyle socks that everyone used to make fun of. She had two pairs and used to wear a red one with a green one. She was a very natural girl...very matter of fact, very down to earth...and also she was a woman, until then I'd felt I'd been dating girls...she was the love of my life ". I am not sure why this has stuck with me all this time, perhaps because it is genuine or uncomplicated but mostly because it is so obvious how simply he appreciated her, how simply he loved her.

images via last.com

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