February 23, 2011

Use Your Voice...

Whenever I come across a cause or charity I believe in I try to share a way we can all help and Use Your Voice, staying true to my belief that is all the small things that we do that make the biggest impact in the end. After reading that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood for federal funding, I went looking for ways to help or at least make my tiny voice heard. The Planned Parenthood organization for many women is the only way they get access to health care. The proposal will cut funding for HIV testing, cancer screenings, birth control , and more, putting women and families at a tremendous risk. The Planned Parenthood website has an open letter to the representatives who signed the bill and the Senators who can stop this that you can sign, it takes seconds to fill out. Above the letter they encourage everyone to tell anyone they know about this in the hopes of raising awareness of this dangerous attack on women's health. Join me and sign the letter here. It doesn't matter what your politics or beliefs are, this is about helping women and keeping them healthy.

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