March 25, 2011

Deposit for the Style Files...

Spring is just about here and switching over the closet and getting into the groove of your warmer weather look sometimes takes a the meantime there are always those few pieces that just work for the start of sunny days. A lighter pair of worn in jeans or faded denim shirt, and this season for sure a wide leg jean, a neutral blouse to dress up or down, a little blazer with a great big scarf for the days when it is still a little chilly and of course a dependable dress you can just throw on and it seems like this season whatever length works best for you is the way to go because the stores are full of ultra long or super short options. Here's to brighter, lighter days !

images via 1.Cosmopolitan UK 2 & 3 Madewell jeans and blouse 4. We Heart It   5. Tucker dress

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