March 17, 2011

READS. The Art of Possibility...

You know those books you pull off the shelf to look back on or maybe even read again ? The Art of Possibility is one of those books. It gently inspires you to look at how you view your life and realize that you are the artist of your life, it is your creation. It is full of suggestions and advice to help you realize the possibilities that await you if you are open to them. There are so many great mini lessons it is hard to pick the best ones...

+ We make our own boundaries and set our own limits.
+ You always have something to give, give it from where you are.
+Lighten up and enjoy the trip.
+You are the board upon which the game is played, you control the pieces.

Sometimes you need a little something to inspire you to truly believe in yourself and trust that you do know what is best for you and realize that if you ask for it, work hard and open yourself to it, you will get it.

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