April 22, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Eco Favorites...

My list of eco favorites is ever evolving...I try to constantly seek out new ways to be kind to the body, soul and the planet. But, I always try to stay loyal to a few of my favorites...from the natural soaps that are always beside the sink, the local raw honey in my morning tea, the reusable tote bags I always bring to the market, the most delicious raw vegan brownie bar you have ever tasted and a few other favorites...

 ...although in respect to the vastness of the world we are each really just tiny particles, I try to remember that we have a responsibility to do good, be good and constantly strive to be better for ourselves and mother earth...Happy Earth Day !

1. Zum Bar all natural soaps 2. Dr.Bronner's Peppermint Hemp Soap 3. EO lavender liquid soap 4. Burlap Tote 5. French market basket 6. Pure Raw brownie bar 7. Hamptons Raw Honey 8. Eco Lips Hemp Lip Balm 9. Mineral Fusion Bronzer

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