April 26, 2011

Accidental Superfood + Supplement Series...Coconut Oil

So although maybe one of best parts of a palm tree is lazing beneath it as the breeze gently rocks a hammock, I would say the sweet smelling oil of the coconut is a close second. There are so many health and beauty benefits that make it pretty remarkable stuff. There is plenty of research that credit the oil with the ability to help maintain cholesterol levels, increase immunity, keep the thyroid functioning, and help with weight loss and digestion, and that's just a start. When it comes to natural beauty wonders, coconut oil is the perfect ingredient. Right out of the jar with nothing added smooth the oil on and watch dry skin disappear or one of my favorite tricks, smooth on hair over night for extra shine. This stuff is worth adding into your diet or beauty regime in one way or another. And it's also a great oil to choose for cooking, just be sure to buy virgin coconut oil, my favorite is by Spectrum. For lots more info click on over here  and grab a jar next time you are at the market.

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