April 29, 2011

Fascinated by the Fascinator. Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorite...

I am simply fascinated by the Fascinator and after watching the Royal Wedding early this morning I got curious about their origin...

...here are a few facts I found interesting. " The fascinator is a headpiece or a style of millinery that originally referred to a fine, lacey or wool head covering which by the 1970's was almost obsolete ". As they have made a comeback the meaning has slightly changed, and is now used to describe a delicate slightly-to-very frivolous head decoration. Recently they have become popular with the younger set in London in place of the customary oversized hat. When worn as an evening accessory they are called a "cocktail hat", don't you love that ? Modern fascinators are made with feathers, flowers and beads. Sometimes they are a little over the top but why not have a little fun ? They attach to the hair by a comb or headband. And, it is being said that the fascinator is quickly becoming popular with brides in place of a veil. I think I like that idea and for sure I would love to rock one at a party or how about a day at the races...count me in.

Great selection of fascinators available at ASOS and the best part some of them are super affordable between $20 to $40. ASOS also carries a few by famed milliner Philip Treacy.

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