April 21, 2011

Use Your Voice...United By Blue

When I first found this canvas tote I liked it because it reminded me of an old school tool bag, which I think makes a perfect Spring bag. When I looked closer I had found a great bag and a chance to Use My Voice and support a great cause and company, United By Blue. After buying the bag I looked into the company a bit more and have been following their blog ever since. With tomorrow being Earth Day, what better time than now to purchase one. United By Blue is a sustainable clothing and accessories company with a simple and effective mission, for every 1 product sold they remove 1 pound of trash from the world's oceans and waterways. We sometimes forget that the oceans give life to all, they control the weather, give more oxygen than all land plants combined and provide 2 billion people with their main source of protein, but with pollution and an estimated 14 billion pounds of trash a year dumped in them we are destroying them. We can't save the earth alone but together we can join in the fight and saving the oceans is a great start for sure.

photo by Accidental Brilliance

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