May 3, 2011

Ben Howard. Tunes for a Tuesday...

...I discovered Ben Howard a few years ago and after listening to him yesterday I realized I don't really know that much about his background, I went looking for his bio and interestingly there was not that much written about him despite how talented he is. It's strange in this day and age where there is more information than we will ever need about everyone and everything on the internet, it was kind of refreshing to be left a little curious and then I found this quote he had written about himself..." I travel lots, surf when I can, probably drink too much, definitely think too much...make irrational decisions. I like the outdoors and Autumn. I'm happiest at home with friends. And my favorite fruit would have to be a pear ". So simple and yet all I really needed to know. Less is more, let his music speak for who he is...take a listen, this is a good man I have a curious feeling.


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