May 17, 2011

Echo by Jaume Plensa

One of the most special parts of living in New York City is that you come across amazing, new and different things every time you take a walk...things that stop you in your tracks. Every once in awhile you even find something that takes your breath away. Such was the case yesterday, on a rainy walk I found this amazing sculpture in the middle of Madison Square Park. Echo is her name, created by the renowned Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa. She depicts a nine-year old girl from Plesna's Barcelona neighborhood, lost in a state of thoughts and dreams. Perhaps it is her massive size, 40 feet tall or my amazement in finding something this peaceful in the middle of the hectic city but I could not take my eyes off her. There I stood and the city went quiet... 

...once I got home I looked into the background on the sculpture and read that the sculpture also refers to an episode in Greek mythology in which the nymph Echo is forced as punishment to repeat only the thoughts of other people in her mind. So, in many ways as this breathtaking sculpture sits peacefully in the park with her eyes closed perhaps, she is sitting in the thoughts of the thousands of people who come each day to gaze at her. If you have a chance go check it out, it will be there until August 14th, 2011. It is worth the trip, I promise.

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