May 9, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Chlorophyll

Go green in the food and drink department that is...if there is one thing you can do to instantly get on the path to feeling and looking better, add more chlorophyll into your life. I think the first time I learned about chlorophyll was in science class when they asked what makes the grass so green and the plants so alive ? Chlorophyll is the answer and the vibrance it gives to plants is similar to the vibrance it brings to the body. Chlorophyll has the ability to regenerate our bodies at the molecular level, cleanse the body and fight infection and disease. Without getting overly scientific the most basic way to understand what it does is to know that it rebuilds and replenishes the red blood cell count in your body, which boosts energy, keeps you well and increases our general well being. There are lots of ways to get more greens from more veggies, a shot of wheat grass juice or one of the many green drinks on the market and the most straightforward way is to grab a bottle of liquid chlorophyll next time you are at the market or health food store and drink up to good health.

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