June 29, 2011

Notions of Navajo...

Earlier in the week I wrote about the sudden explosion of prints and patterns hitting the streets of NYC, once summer hits and the temperature rises, like clockwork everyone breaks out all their best ones and although I love a great floral there is nothing better than a Navajo pattern or stripe.

...and as long as we have Navajo on the brain, check out these Cowboys and Indians. I can't take my eyes off their layers of fringe, feathers, Navajo inspired jewelry, concho belts, long braids and leather cuffs.

...there are so many great Navajo inspired pieces out there. The All Saints beaded mini at the bottom is absolutely beautiful in person, with a loose tank and a worn in pair of brown sandals, a hint of a tan and hair perfectly wavy from a long day at the beach, and i'd say your on the way to one perfect date night...

Get the goods...1. Pendleton Pillows here 2. All Saints skirt here 3. Vintage Pendleton catalog here 4. Forever 21 beaded bracelets 5. All Saints bag here 6. Metal Fringe necklace here 7. Levi's navajo lined jacket here 8. Vintage turquoise bracelet 9. Pendleton by Peyote Bird belts here

images via enjoy the kiss tumblr, ciara bird tumblr, marlow35. black and white photos via Vogue Spain

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