July 31, 2011

Weekend Distractions...

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Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin' from Paul Simon...

...and then there is always this. The one liner magic of Paul Simon. Don't you see, " the problem is all inside your head and the answer is easy if you take it logically "...

July 28, 2011

Love what she is wearing...

...not sure which I like more, the ease of a good white tee shirt or the complexity of a good pattern. Maybe that's the beauty of life, we don't always have to choose. And at the heart of it I suppose, since we are all basically simple complex beings, maybe we can have it all.

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Use Your Voice...United Nations World Food Programme

Because for the most part we are blessed with the luxury of the basics in life, it is hard to fathom what famine really means or looks like. Last Wednesday the United Nations declared a famine in two large regions of Somalia. 3.7 million people are affected and the number is growing as a devastating drought also spans Kenya and Ethiopia. But, there is something we can do- Use Your Voice and if you are able, make a donation to the World Food Programme. Imagine this, just $1 will feed four children. Makes you take a moment to focus on how truly blessed we really are.

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Little Light...Playin' on repeat today

Little Light, the duo of Gia Margaret and Alain de Courtenay sorta hits the spot and tugs at the heart strings. This just might be one of the sweetest, softest tunes around...


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INSPIRATION FOUND. The Artwork of Gerard Stricher...

Taken by the work of French painter Gerard Stricher and the way the concept of chance makes its way into each piece. We are all so conditioned to make sure that everything we do is deliberate and his work is like an invitation to take a risk, bet on chance. Each random drip in his work is a reminder that not everything is going to be perfect. Things will get confusing, you might change your mind, you won't always know what to do at first, things may take longer than expected and the outcome might be different than you imagined. But, there is a perfect saying that " life responds when we risk ". And, like the beauty of his work, it just might turn out even better than you ever expected.

July 27, 2011

Can't take my eyes off...

...the layers of interest and wanderlust vibe. Filing this one in the inspirational back pocket for sure.

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Accidental Brilliance Wednesday Wisdom...

July 26, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Picks...Old School Dunks

...I have a collection of these brightly colored old school dunks and even though I know they are not for everyone, you gotta admit as far as sneakers go they are a totally fun way to add a little color into the mix.

Ryan Keen...Tunes for a Tuesday

This one feels like the right way to spend a Tuesday morning, it's called " Happy Dreaming"...wishing that for you today.

Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Onions

When it comes to the king of the superfoods in the vegetable department, onions reign victorious. Although most people either love em' or hate em', they are so good for you it is silly not to include them in your diet. Used as far back as 4000 bc as a cure for many illnesses and ailments. Rich in vitamin A, B and C, and potent source of folic acid, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Most interestingly onions are a proven anti-inflammatory. The components in onions called allyl sulfides and bioflavanoids have been proven to lower the incidence of cancer and heart disease. With the addition of just 2 teaspoons of onion a day studies have shown a significantly lower risk of certain cancers as well as a detoxifying effect on the blood. Doesn't matter if you eat them raw or cook them, they have also been proven to help lower blood pressure. There are so many great recipes with onions but there is nothing better than a big red onion cut in simple slices thrown on the grill with olive oil, coarse salt and cracked pepper. And if you want to avoid the tears (even though there is nothing wrong with a good cry) squeeze some lemon juice on your knife before cutting.

July 25, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse...Celine Resort 2012

 ...Celine Resort 2012. A bit disheveled, a little exaggerated and completely muse worthy. Love every bit of it from the extra long gloves on down to the way too high platforms. Slightly off kilter but somehow perfectly in perspective.

July 24, 2011

Weekend Distractions...

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Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin' from Amy Winehouse...

When I heard the sad news about Amy Winehouse, I thought about her music, her talent, her obvious struggle. And although I really loved a lot of her original stuff, her cover of the classic Shirelles song " Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow " was always on the top of my list. Caught in the thought of how senseless death seems, what I wrote yesterday rings so true...be kind, you never know what someone is dealing with.


July 22, 2011

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

Get the goods...Madewell dress here, Nag Champa Incense here, Steven bootie here, Les Habits Neuf tote here.

Deposit for the Style Files...

...deposit it in the Style Files, easiest way to add a lil' interest. Patterned, printed and beaded little coats for some wardrobe inspiration.

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Simple Summer DIY Projects...

I've said it before, I love a good DIY project. When I saw this little vase full of summer wildflowers, I was excited to see it was super simple to make, isn't it so pretty ? And get this, those are biodegradable paper cups with beet juice and flower buds for the dye. Pretty cool right. Click on over here for the instructions. As for the beautiful feather earrings, I spotted them over here and then went looking for instructions on how to make my own pair. I happily found, it could not be easier. Check out just how easy it is here. Simple summer fun !

images via Design*Sponge, The Feather Feet Beat

Use Your Voice...Operation Backpack

I got such a kick out of this photo in the latest J.Crew catalog. How adorable, what do you think she is saying...take your lobster and hit the road buddy, I chose him. Even though we are into the heart of the summer or should I say the heat of the summer, before you know it kids will be going back to school. Remember those days, when you got a new backpack and supplies to start the new school year ? Sadly there are nearly 11,000 homeless school-age children in New York City alone. Most likely their parents will not be able to afford new school supplies. But, there is a way you can Use Your Voice and make a difference in the life of a kid. Volunteers of America has this great program where all you have to do is buy a new backpack and drop it off at any Duane Reade drugstore in NYC. Their mission is to have a shiny new backpack for every single kid that needs one this Fall. And even if you don't live in New York you can still help the cause and donate towards a new backpack. Click on over to the Volunteers of America website for more information and other great volunteer opportunities. I love this program because sometimes when you make a donation you're not sure where your money is going. With this program you can be sure where it is going, to bring a smile to the face of a kid.

Bob Marley...Playin' on repeat today

...a little reggae seems to be the remedy for a hot and hazy day. Stir it up and have a good one !

July 21, 2011


Inspiration found in Charlotte Rampling in t-strap heels on the porch, Audrey Tatou in scarlet red lips, Mila Jovovich a la the 40's and Dylan in polka dots.

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July 20, 2011

And it was all yellow...

Isn't there just something about yellow, especially when there's lots on your mind (lately). Sorta makes you remember to look on the bright side, because on the sunny side, anything is possible.

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Accidental Brilliance Wednesday Wisdom...

July 19, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

... I have a fascination and collection of Buddhist prayer beads. So, I love how the tassels on these are a nod to the customary tassel each set of prayer beads has. The perfect addition to a pile of gold bangles and a watch for a little added interest. Click on over here to L-atitude, to check out the other colors and the rest of their great finds from around the world.

Flight Facilities...Tunes for a Tuesday

Not much is known about the Indie DJ duo known as Flight Facilities but, one thing is for sure, this song is made for dancing. Turn it up...


Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series...Sea Buckthorn

When it comes to healthy glowing skin and shiny hair, my quest to learn never seems to end. One of the superfoods that I really love in the pursuit of good skin and hair is Sea Buckthorn. A few years ago, I was looking for all natural shampoos and I started to read about the great benefits of Sea Buckthorn, for renewing shine and strengthening hair. The more I read, the more I realized that for healthy skin, Sea Buckthorn belonged in the mix as well. An orange berry used medicinally in Asia and Europe for hundreds of years, as a superfood it can boost the immune system, help fight fatigue and boost energy. When used topically on the skin, it has been proven to play a key role in healing and rejuvenating the skin. The essential fatty acids and antioxidants it contains are potent skin protectors and healers. The most interesting fact I learned is that it has been studied for it's ability to retard the process of skin maturation by improving the skin's metabolism. It has also been proven to promote skin cell regeneration and repair, which is a very difficult thing to do. I've been using a facial oil by Evanhealy that I love and recommend with Sea Buckthorn. Weleda, makes a great body oil and hand cream as well. Lately there are tons of products hitting the market from creams to serums with Sea Buckthorn in them that can easily be added into your usual skin routine. This stuff is definitely worth looking into and here's a site with lots of interesting facts and even more benefits.

July 18, 2011

Anastasia Khodkina...Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse

...this layout featured in Marie Clare Australia with model Anastasia Khodkina has muse worthy written all over. And, it proves that it only takes a few key pieces to inspire  perfect, simple and chic.

July 17, 2011

Weekend Distractions...

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Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin' from Julia Stone...

... this is a really sweet song and the video was made to support a great cause. The Coral Sea is a tropical marine jewel which lies east of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It's one of the last places on Earth where large marine animals can still be found in great numbers. Yet less than 1% is protected. Right now the federal government is considering the future of the Coral Sea within Australian waters. And, we can all help in protecting it. Visit Protect Our Coral Sea and sign the petition to support protecting this wonder of nature. Sorta nice way to start a Sunday morning...


July 16, 2011

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...Dsquared Resort

Can you say lean and mean ? There is just so much goodness going on with the Dsquared resort line. These trousers are just the start...

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July 15, 2011

Love what she is wearing...

...all white or lots of bright ? I can't decide which I like more. On one hand there is my all time favorite look for summer...all white, in layers of light and loose fabrics. But, lately whenever I see someone on the streets with bright almost neon pops of color, I always think to myself, now thats how you do summer.

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July 14, 2011

...nothing better than a little getaway. After you take a few trips, you end up having that go-to travel outfit and all the little things that make the trip getting there more comfortable. A cozy big scarf to keep you warm and double as a blanket, a pair of slippers for when you take your shoes off, a good pair of shades to go incognito, a facial mist to refresh your skin and keep it hydrated and a tiny bottle of sweet smelling essential oils to keep relaxed are, tops on my list. And of course an uber chic carry-all to pack it in. Somehow, it doesn't matter if its a flight to Europe or a car ride to the beach, the list remains the same for travelin' in style.

get the goods- 1. scarves here 2. Corso Como slippers here 3. Evian misting spray here 4. Mary Green sleeping beauty mask 5. Evanhealy oils here 6. TOMS sunglasses 7. Gucci duffle

Use Your Voice...TOMS Sunglasses

I was reading a few weeks ago about the new line from TOMS shoe creator Blake Mycoskie and once again, I am so impressed by the brilliance of his simple idea. One for One, for every one item bought, one is donated. It started with what has become what most people might call a staple in comfortable shoes. For each one pair bought, one pair is donated to a child in need. The latest edition to his brand of philanthropy seeks to bring light to the fact that blindness and visual impairment is the seventh largest health disability in the world. But, how can we help ? For every one pair of glasses sold, one pair is donated to one of the nearly 284 million people who are visually impaired. Sadly 90% of those people are living in impoverished countries and 80% of those people could be treated. This is as Blake has said, " a solvable crisis , if its a pair of eyeglasses or medical attention they need, they are treated right on the spot ", pretty amazing to think that next time you buy a pair of sunglasses you might be able to, Use Your Voice and help someone literally see change. To learn more and see the full line, my favorites are the aviators, click on over here.

Colin Meloy ft. Gillian Welch. Playin' on repeat today...

This one playin' on repeat today, something about a guy and a harmonica. Or maybe its the lyrics..." knock me down, tear me up but I would bear it all broken, just to fill my cup". So on that note, get out there and fill it up, the cup of experience, the cup of chance, the cup of serendipity waiting to happen. But be kind along the way and listen to your gut...


July 13, 2011

Can't take my eyes off...the artwork of Kimia Kline

Can't quite place my finger on the emotional chord that Kimia Kline's work strikes. There is just something so powerful about these girls. Caught in the vulnerability of sleep, play or a thought, somehow all seperate but somehow connected. The moment I saw her work I thought about an old Chinese proverb I once read..." an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet and be together, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break ".

...these are oil on canvas but many of her works are available as limited edition prints as well. Click on over here to check out the rest of her work.