July 6, 2011

Accidental Brilliance In the Beauty Bag...

On the endless quest to find the best all natural skin treatments I started to read about the amazing benefits of clay. After reading up on it, I recently started including a clay mask into my skin regime and it has been a great weekly addition. But why clay ? Clays are naturally occurring substances containing minerals, trace elements and nutrients which draw toxins from deep within the skin's tissue. Once the toxins are removed its like an instant detox leaving skin cleansed and renewed. The slightly grainy texture gets rid of dead skin cells and its been proven to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow and oxygen to the place where applied. Evenhealy and Fresh make some really nice options, give them a try I really think you'll enjoy them. Word to the wise, don't do it right before a big day, it has a tendency especially the first few times to really draw out impurities trapped in the skin. A few days later though, get ready for some shiny skin.

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