July 22, 2011

Use Your Voice...Operation Backpack

I got such a kick out of this photo in the latest J.Crew catalog. How adorable, what do you think she is saying...take your lobster and hit the road buddy, I chose him. Even though we are into the heart of the summer or should I say the heat of the summer, before you know it kids will be going back to school. Remember those days, when you got a new backpack and supplies to start the new school year ? Sadly there are nearly 11,000 homeless school-age children in New York City alone. Most likely their parents will not be able to afford new school supplies. But, there is a way you can Use Your Voice and make a difference in the life of a kid. Volunteers of America has this great program where all you have to do is buy a new backpack and drop it off at any Duane Reade drugstore in NYC. Their mission is to have a shiny new backpack for every single kid that needs one this Fall. And even if you don't live in New York you can still help the cause and donate towards a new backpack. Click on over to the Volunteers of America website for more information and other great volunteer opportunities. I love this program because sometimes when you make a donation you're not sure where your money is going. With this program you can be sure where it is going, to bring a smile to the face of a kid.

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