July 14, 2011

Use Your Voice...TOMS Sunglasses

I was reading a few weeks ago about the new line from TOMS shoe creator Blake Mycoskie and once again, I am so impressed by the brilliance of his simple idea. One for One, for every one item bought, one is donated. It started with what has become what most people might call a staple in comfortable shoes. For each one pair bought, one pair is donated to a child in need. The latest edition to his brand of philanthropy seeks to bring light to the fact that blindness and visual impairment is the seventh largest health disability in the world. But, how can we help ? For every one pair of glasses sold, one pair is donated to one of the nearly 284 million people who are visually impaired. Sadly 90% of those people are living in impoverished countries and 80% of those people could be treated. This is as Blake has said, " a solvable crisis , if its a pair of eyeglasses or medical attention they need, they are treated right on the spot ", pretty amazing to think that next time you buy a pair of sunglasses you might be able to, Use Your Voice and help someone literally see change. To learn more and see the full line, my favorites are the aviators, click on over here.

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