July 1, 2011

Young Love...Quicksilver/QWS Autumn 2011

So today I had one of those experiences where you go to look for something and what you find is so much better than what you expected...don't you just love when that happens ? I've had a song stuck in my head by Neverfriends and went to find the video for it and stumbled on a Quicksilver Autumn 2011 preview video set to the song. I think I watched the video at least five times in a row, wrapped up in the storyline or at least the one I came up with...young love caught between the fog and waves of San Fransisco. Carefree with nothing on her mind but the way his hand felt in hers or the way it felt to stand on his feet as he guided them along the sand as they danced, smiling as he wrapped her up in his sweater she thought to herself, I wish it could always be as simple as this. Young Love...


...then I went on a hunt to see what else Quicksilver had up their sleeve and found the inspiration for their QWS collection line for Autumn 2011, what they call " modern coastal classic " and a collaboration with artist Serena Mitnik-Miller and after finding her artwork...

...I was instantly reminded of time I had spent in San Fransisco, the force of the waves as you sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and the setting sun like a breathtaking watercolor painting out the window of a tiny plane as you fly above it. Needless to say, I hadn't intended to find all this inspiration but I very happily carried it with me all day...and still, I have that song stuck in my head.

Song by Neverfriends, images via Quicksilver, info on collection via Transworld Business, artwork by Serena Mitnik-Miller

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