August 19, 2011

Accidental Brilliance at the moment favorites...

...come to think of it all these at the moment favorites might just make for a perfect weekend...throw on the striped shirt, and make him a pot of his favorite tea as you share the morning newspaper. He always goes for the business section and knows to hand you the style section. After a few hours you glance at his arm, he still has the watch on from last night, somehow even though you bought if for yourself, you can't get it away from him. You discuss where to go for dinner, he says he doesn't care as long as you wear those blue heels and the dress he loves. You look at him and smile, and think to yourself, how lucky you are to have found him.

get the goods...striped shirt available here, shoes available here, vintage watches available here, tea press available here. And just in case you missed it click on over here to read my post on the benefits of different teas.

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