August 2, 2011

Accidental Brilliance Picks...

...there is something so special about the beauty of hand embroidery. Reminiscent of a trip to Mexico, a memento that gets tucked in your luggage. Worn summer after summer until the edges are frayed and the stitching begins to unravel, but each time you slip it on, the afternoon you found it comes back...the crowded market after a long day at the beach, the way he told you how beautiful you looked in it, just as the sun went down that first night you wore it.

*and just in case you can't make it to Mexico, click on over to Aida Coronado for a really beautiful selection of embroidered dresses and tops. 

images via L to R: from my father's daughter by gwyneth paltrow, white and red tops by aida coronado

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