August 11, 2011

Deposit for the Inspiration Files...

...I think every room deserves a good rug. Everytime I spot a room with a rug layered in I always think, yup that is just what that room needed. Over the years I always thought my bathroom was missing something, I finally found a mini Persian rug to throw in there and just like that my little bathroom was complete. I recently came across a great company called Custom Cool Rugs, perfectly named because they are pretty cool. You can work with them to design your own custom rugs, color, pattern and size. Each one is like a piece of artwork. And the best part, other than the fact that you designed it yourself, they work with an organization called Good Weave. Good Weave has a mission to end child labor in the rug industry. Sadly labor is a crime committed against one in seven children around the world. Yes you read that right. Despite laws prohibiting it, child labor is rampant in the rug industry in South Asia where many of the most beautiful rugs are created. Click on over to their website here to learn more, donate to help end this madness and even find responsible retailers, designers and decorators who have made the pledge to get involved. And onto things that are beautiful and ethically created, these beauties woven in Nepal for Custom Cool Rugs. Check out the rest here...

images via Custom Cool Rugs, pinterest, the househome 

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  1. Your right, every room deserves a nice carpet because such a decoration can change the whole aspect of a room. A Persian area rug can do more than that because it is considered a luxury decoration and I can assure any of you that when you enter a room that has a Persian carpet you won't see anything else, it will steal your view right away.