August 26, 2011

Destinations. Bvlgari Resort Bali...

So we are currently under hurricane watch here in NYC for the next few days. Kinda crazy, first we had an earthquake here in the city earlier in the week and now the threat of this storm. Everyone is out gathering up water and batteries and they are even discussing evacuating parts of the city over the weekend. When I heard about this, I thought not a problem I know exactly where I can go. No need for batteries, canned food and flashlights. All you need is a bikini, a sarong and some sunscreen. The Bvlgari Resort in Bali sounds like the perfect destination out of the eye of the storm. The Italian label has not been in the hotel business very long but they have made quite an impression so far. Each resort is located in the most prime luxury neighborhood in the city. Designed with Italian contemporary luxury while making strong reference to the local culture. Among their flawless properties, their resort in Bali just might be my favorite... see more of the hotel and other locations click on over here.

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