August 12, 2011

Reads...The Law of Attraction by esther & Jerry hicks

I was putting away some books today and I pulled this one off the shelf and started flipping through all the turned down pages, marked with little stars next to all the things I wanted to remember. This is one of my favorites books when it comes to inspiration and understanding the way the universe works. I sat down on the floor for awhile and got lost in it's amazing message. The reminder that, all things wanted or unwanted are brought to you by the laws of attraction. Nothing merely shows up in your life, you attract it, all of it, no exceptions. Giving thought to anything is just like inviting it in. When you give attention to a thought it grows larger and larger. That counts for the good thoughts and the bad thoughts. If you give thought to something you don't want, it also grows. The reminder that there is nothing that you cannot do, be, do or have.

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