August 22, 2011

Use Your Voice...I'm Gonna Be Your Friend Campaign

A few weeks ago in my Use Your Voice series I mentioned the importance of getting involved in the fight against the current famine hitting the people of Somalia and East Africa, in particular the children. Over the past few weeks Save the Children has started the " I'm Gonna Be Your Friend " campaign and a number of musicians have really started to use their voice. Just as most kids are set to go back-to-school and thinking about what are their favorite things to pack for lunch, millions of children are going without food. But, we can all get involved. The campaign's soundtrack is the classic Bob Marley High Tide of Low Tide, and as the lyrics say..." in high seas or in low seas, i'm gonna be your friend ". Download the song or donate to the cause directly through the links attached to video. Shouldn't we all help save the life of a child ?


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