October 3, 2011

Benefits of Bee Pollen...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

When it comes to deciding which supplements belong on your daily list, bee pollen granules deserve a spot on top of that list. There are not many other supplements that offer the same nutritional sustenance as bee pollen. Easily absorbed in the body which means, the beneficial effects are noticed almost immediately as opposed to many other supplements that have to build up in your system. Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants so you can check off the anti-aging properties. Rich in enzymes that help the body's ability to digest food and properly absorb nutrients. Packed with vitamin C to enhance the body's ability to fight the cold and flu. Full of amino acids like phenylalanine known to regulate levels of the appetite and encourage weight loss. Proven to help prevent cancer, give the skin a healthy glow, help regulate blood pressure levels, assist in balancing hormones and the list just goes on.  Easily dissolved in water or juice first thing in the morning and you are guaranteed increased energy. I always say you only get this one body, so do it right. To read more of the benefits click on over here.

* this supplement is not advised for anyone with an allergy to bees and or bee stings.

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