January 30, 2012

Jenni Kayne...Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse

...no doubt these looks by Jenni Kayne are up there on the muse worthy mid-winter inspiration board. She does good things with simple lines and solid colors. To see the rest of her line click on over here.

January 29, 2012

Weekend Distractions...

Accidental Brilliance Layout with original text and images via streetstyle tumblr, ciara bird and we heart it

Simple Sunday Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin from The Peach Kings...

...and in the pursuit of the greatest goodness, the most peaceful mind and continual awareness, the lyrics of this song bear the best advice.  Don't sweat the little things...


January 28, 2012

Weekend Wisdom...

For Today...

...when was the last time you thought about it, your life and how you are living it ? Are you existing or are you truly living ? For today make a vow to yourself, to really start living in the moment, for the moment.

Deposit For The Style Files...Cool Coats

...so it doesn't look like this chilly weather is going away anytime soon. Time to start looking for a little cool coat inspiration to get through the season and deposit in the Style Files.

Accidental Brilliance Layout with images via stokholm streetstyle, pinterest, marlow 35, we heart it

January 27, 2012

Iron and Wine...This One Playin' On Repeat

This one sits well on a rainy New York night as storylines float through my mind.  Raindrops like tears, slip down the window as they do her porcelain skin. Thoughts of him and who they were...all but gone. Memories that slide through her hand with ease. And then there are those...the few, the ones that linger, that will always beautifully linger. Not even wild horses could drag them away...


Can't take my eyes off...The Photography of Matt Wisniewski

Can't take my eyes off the haunting beauty of the work of Matt Wisniewski. Behind quiet eyes the thought that we are what we think about but, we are also so much more. Somehow he captures the depth and mystery of what it is to be human...to be vulnerable.

...to see the rest of his amazing work click on over here

January 17, 2012

Zee Avi...Tunes For A Tuesday

You know those nights where sleep does not come easily and the morning comes to soon ? When there is still peace to be made with the darkness of the night and the dream you could not finish. So you go in search of a sort of lullaby for the day and then there is this...


The Girl Has Got It Goin' On...

...nothing a good hat, coat, bag or pair of shoes can't fix while leaving you sayin' The Girl Has Got It Goin' On.
Accidental Brilliance Layout with images via marlow35, streetstyle, pinterest

January 16, 2012

Benefits of Black Eyed Peas...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

So although there is not a black bean or a chickpea that I ever met that I didn't like, recently I have been eating more black eyed peas and have to say they go right up there on my list of favorite beans. But, did you know that although they are a bean they belong to the vegetable family, and compared to other beans they are considered higher in certain nutrients ? They have so many nutritional benefits that it's worth it to fit them into your weekly menu ideas. Super high in fiber which helps keep cholesterol down and regulate digestion, as well as a great source of iron which carries oxygen throughout the body, organs and cells. An easily digested source of protein which helps support muscles, skin hair and nails, kinda seems like there is nothing this bean can't do.  And, since they are commonly associated with good luck, I would say you can't have enough of em'. Lately I have been eating them with sauteed tomato, onion and tofu over brown rice, super easy to whip up and super delicious.

Margaux Lonnberg...Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse

 ...not sure if it's the fringe on the boots, the messy hair or the perfect layers that sort of hits that come as you are vibe.  Model/blogger Margaux Lonnberg does bohemian right in this layout and instantly becomes muse worthy for sure.

follow her blog here

January 15, 2012

Weekend Distractions...

Accidental Brilliance Original Layout/Text with images via soulsurfer, pinterest, we heart it

January 8, 2012

Sunday Simple Wisdom Of Buddha + Somethin' from Mumford and Sons

...and although there is nothing I really see in black and white, instead most things occupy the middle and spaces in between, there is one thing that is black and white..." what you think you become ". Simple and so true....and there is always a chance to change what you think, change what you become. Always a clean white page...


January 7, 2012

Weekend Wisdom...

For Today...

Remember this...the beautiful part about being you is that, only you can see for yourself what is possible...

This One Playin' On Repeat...

And turned up loud...for the beat and the zone it takes you to, somehow turns lyrics to poetry...words to religion. And then the question, what is your religion and not the one that lives in a church or a temple, what is your religion, the one that lives in you ?

Love What She Is Wearing...

...something about a piece of the rainbow added into the mix feels pretty refreshing right now !

Accidental Brilliance Layout with images via Streetstyle, marlow 35, pinterest,  heart it

January 3, 2012

Van Morrison...Tunes for a Tuesday

...been listening to some of the music that I grew up with lately.  Van Morrison was the first album I bought myself. Something about the idea of starting a new year and thinking back on all the dreams you had when you were much younger, when things were perhaps less complicated seems right...


The Girl Has Got It Goin On...

...what do you get when you put together a flirty little skirt, a pop of colored fur, a head of great hair and a bit of fringe ? You get a girl who no doubt has Got It Goin' On.

Accidental Brilliance Layout with images via elle.com, streetstyle, know your rights tumblr

Benefits of Guava...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

 Last week I had a little cold so I bumped up my viatmin C and started looking into foods that might help speed up the getting well process. And, low and behold who knew the guava offers great relief from the common cold and flu. In addition to helping break up mucus, it's super high in vitamin C. This tropical delight which tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a pear is crazy good when it comes to nourishing the body and skin. Eating a serving of guava helps to normalize the digestive system and helps reduce weight. Proven to fight cancer cells and cleanse the body of toxins, this fruit belongs on your shopping list and on the quest to well being. Rich in Vitamin K which helps treat the skin for discoloration, dark circles and irritations, it composition of 81 % water it is key in keeping the skin hydrated. The high content of vitamin C contributes to generating collagen which keeps skin taut and reduce the impact of aging. Gets rid of a cold, helps reduce weight, fights cancer and helps you stay looking young, need I say more ?

January 2, 2012

Geraldine Saglio...Accidental Brilliance Monday Muse

...French stylist Geraldine Saglio does simple right. And what better time than the start of a new year, to keep it SIMPLE in the fashion department and in life in general ! Muse worthy for sure.

January 1, 2012

Weekend Distractions...

Accidental Brilliance layout with images via ciara bird tumblr, pinterest, marlow35

Sunday Simple Wisdom of Buddha + Somethin' from John Lennon

On the first day of a brand new year I wish for you all that you see for yourself through the clearest eyes. I hope you follow your passion, listen to your heart, live with intention and love with abandon. Embrace simplicity, trust your instincts and speak your mind. Nourish your body and soul. Happy New Year sweet wonderful you...treat yourself gently.