January 16, 2012

Benefits of Black Eyed Peas...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

So although there is not a black bean or a chickpea that I ever met that I didn't like, recently I have been eating more black eyed peas and have to say they go right up there on my list of favorite beans. But, did you know that although they are a bean they belong to the vegetable family, and compared to other beans they are considered higher in certain nutrients ? They have so many nutritional benefits that it's worth it to fit them into your weekly menu ideas. Super high in fiber which helps keep cholesterol down and regulate digestion, as well as a great source of iron which carries oxygen throughout the body, organs and cells. An easily digested source of protein which helps support muscles, skin hair and nails, kinda seems like there is nothing this bean can't do.  And, since they are commonly associated with good luck, I would say you can't have enough of em'. Lately I have been eating them with sauteed tomato, onion and tofu over brown rice, super easy to whip up and super delicious.

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