January 3, 2012

Benefits of Guava...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

 Last week I had a little cold so I bumped up my viatmin C and started looking into foods that might help speed up the getting well process. And, low and behold who knew the guava offers great relief from the common cold and flu. In addition to helping break up mucus, it's super high in vitamin C. This tropical delight which tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a pear is crazy good when it comes to nourishing the body and skin. Eating a serving of guava helps to normalize the digestive system and helps reduce weight. Proven to fight cancer cells and cleanse the body of toxins, this fruit belongs on your shopping list and on the quest to well being. Rich in Vitamin K which helps treat the skin for discoloration, dark circles and irritations, it composition of 81 % water it is key in keeping the skin hydrated. The high content of vitamin C contributes to generating collagen which keeps skin taut and reduce the impact of aging. Gets rid of a cold, helps reduce weight, fights cancer and helps you stay looking young, need I say more ?

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