February 7, 2012

Reads. Ask And It Is Given by Esther + Jerry Hicks

Ask and it is Given...seems obvious and yet often we forget to do just that, remaining in situations, relationships and friendships without getting from them what we need, what we deserve. This book is so full of amazing inspiration about manifesting what you deeply desire. It is full of reminders that " you are supposed to thrive and feel good...that well-being is constantly flowing to you and if you allow it, it will manifest in all ways in your experience. " It insists that your thoughts are what bring you closer to the reality you desire. And gently reminds that the only thoughts you can focus on and put out into the world are positive ones because all we think about does manifest and the universe brings you back what you put out there. I have read this book so many times over and again, and each time I find something new to bring along on the road to finding the most genuine existence.

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