March 21, 2012

Bob Dylan...Tunes For A Tuesday

...because at different times and for different reasons this song has fit into the spaces in my heart, filling the places that were left open by missed chances, or people that had turned out differently than I had imagined or opportunities that didn't quite fit. I have listened to it so many times and a few years back on a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California it played loudly and  I realized that although life leaves you with spaces or tiny holes in your heart, it is part of the journey. That afternoon the lyrics meant something different and because  I suppose the journey won't always be easy I realized surrounded by the beauty of the drive that yes the journey and the tiny holes are worthwhile.  All we need to do is  have faith that all the chances we are supposed to have, the people we are meant to meet and the opportunities we are meant to have will all show up in their own time and right on time.

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