April 25, 2012

Benefits of Raw Coconut...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

Since we are all trying to maintain healthy skin, it makes sense to figure out which foods will help us get there the quickest right ? Obviously if we can find out which foods are the richest in specific nutrients those are the ones we should be including in our diet daily. One food that will get ya to the healthiest skin is raw coconut in it's many forms. Raw coconut contains properties that help promote clearer, healthier and more youthful skin. Eating raw coconut oil regularly is a simple and natural way to achieve vibrant skin. Raw coconut contains medium-chain saturated fats. Although other types of saturated fat are generally considered bad for your health because they can become trapped in fat tissue, medium-chain saturated fats are used by the body efficiently and transformed into energy. Raw coconut also contains properties that act as antibacterials and anti-inflammatory agents to decrease bacterial overgrowth, irritation and inflammation in the body. For cooking raw coconut oil is perfect for baking, or stir-frys, I even eat it straight off the spoon sometimes. It's great for snacking as long as you are sure you are getting 100% dehydrated raw coconut and for skin and hair care all you have to do is get yourself a jar of virgin coconut oil and go to town. The smell is beachy and relaxing and it makes the perfect moisturizer and hair conditioner. I have mentioned it before but 1/2 tsp of raw coconut oil and a few drops of jojoba oil warmed up in the microwave make my all time favorite hair mask (just be sure to rinse a few times with shampoo to get the mixture out). And with the summer upon us coconut water is pretty much the perfect drink to keep your electrolytes balanced and keep you hydrated. In one form or another it seems there is nothing a little coconut can't help ya out with.

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