April 27, 2012

Taken By The Poetry of Tyler Knott...

On scraps of paper, a torn receipt, a gum wrapper or a corner of an old newspaper I have been scribbling notes, thoughts and ideas for most of my life. The start to a love letter, an idea that comes and is gone that fast, a list for the market or things I want to do, see and be...I think that is why I am so taken by the beautiful poetry of Tyler Knott. I have written about him before and the eloquence of his Daily Haiku on love, tiny little treasures that fill up the holes in your heart when you least expect it. Recently he has started posting typewritten poems on what seems like anything he can find, an old map, scrap of graph paper or old paper bag and in a world where things move to fast and connections are lost,  he has touched upon what it is to love and be loved.

If you have not stopped by his blog it is a must, it is a usual part of my morning...for the inspiration and the calm. Bookmark it if you haven't already right on over here.

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  1. You are fantastic. I love that you love what I am doing. Flattered is an understatement. Thank you.