June 14, 2012

Accidental Brilliance Simple Summer Entertaining Tricks...

Doesn't matter if you are the host this Summer or lucky enough to be a house guest there are tons of simple and quick entertaining tricks that really highlight the season. These are just a few of my faves to get the Summer season underway. What better way to add a bit of life to any drink or pitcher of water ? Add your favorite berries or slices of lemon/lime or even fresh sprigs of rosemary or mint to your ice cube tray before freezing. And, for the most refreshing way to get your fruits in for the day, stack all your favorites into an ice pop mold. Ever wonder what to do with the paper cartons that your berries come in from the market ? They make the most perfect holder for flowers on your Summer dinner table. As I always say simple is best and in this case simple is seasonal.

Accidental Brilliance Layout with images via here, pinterest, we heart it

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