July 27, 2012

Accidental Brilliance In The Beauty Bag...

...when it comes to skincare I believe that what touches your skin should always be natural, always be pure. I fall into the camp that less is more when it comes to most things + especially what touches our skin. Rather than pile on all sorts of makeup + product I tend to try to find ways to create the exfoliants, revitalization + refreshment my skin needs with products I can find at the health food store. Did you now that Greek yogurt makes a great scalp mask to help beat dandruff + dryness, crush up aspirin + make a paste with water to zap + dry out pimples, smash up strawberries + lemon to make a natural toner, brown sugar guarantees soft skin, and cover your face in honey for the simplest + yet best face mask I know of, combine tumeric + Greek yogurt for a skin brightener...the list goes on forever. Why not keep it simple with what you put in + on your body right ?

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