July 3, 2012

Benefits of Flower Essences...Accidental Brilliance Superfood + Supplement Series

I recently started studying + reading about the benefits of flower essences in healing. Although they are not entirely common, they are pretty amazing in stimulating the bodies own ability to heal on all levels of our being simultaneously. They can address imbalances on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.To understand flower essences (also called `flower remedies'), you can imagine that all things are made up of vibrating energies. All material objects are made up of huge amounts of energy. Your entire being is involved in the healing process. The flowers acknowledge you as an intricate being comprised of different levels of energy and work on healing the whole "you".They work by balancing your personal 'vibration' or unique energy pattern. This means that they stimulate lasting changes, rather than just cover up symptoms as many common medicines do.They are completely safe, natural and non-habit-forming. There is no plant material in the essence, only the energetic imprint of the flower. This means there can be no adverse reactions.You cannot take too much of an essence, and if the essence you have chosen is inappropriate for your needs, nothing happens. Just try a different essence.Flower essence healing is self-adjusting to the bodies individual needs. The essences are intelligent and so they adjust their effect to suit the bodies ability to cope. This ensures that any difficult issues are dealt with gradually. They gently help to remove our 'layers', bringing to our awareness other issues or traits that may be undermining our well-being. No doubt it takes a bit of studying to understand how to properly use and benefit from them but I started here with a complete assessment guide and questionnaire + read up on this amazing site about the many many benefits each essence has. Whether it is a hormonal imbalance, a heartbreak, fear or the common cold there is a flower essence that can gradually change the energy + intention that can move you towards healing.

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