July 5, 2012

Sanders Bohlke...This One Playin' On Repeat

Someone asked me the other day to name the ten things I am most grateful for, without any thought I immediately said my family + music. The list went from there but truly there has never been a time where music has not been a part of my life everyday. Somehow music is a friend through the good times + the bad, a voice when you can't find the words...a connector with the power to take you back to the past and help walk into the future. The soundtrack of my life...grateful indeed. I used to take a few minutes before bed to think about what I was most grateful for that day, I got out of the habit but I think now is a great time to get back into it. Simply put your head on the pillow and just before you doze off think about your day and list a few of the things that made your day special, things that you feel grateful for.

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