August 11, 2012

All but gone...

...and there will be things, people, experiences + places that when you go back will all be but gone. And because there is a certain sense of beauty in the fact that there is something exciting about starting anew, there is still the loss for what was unfinished + left behind. Perhaps it is because that is the way it is meant to be or perhaps, at the time you did not quite know how to finish or appreciate it.  And with that, the reminder to embrace the moment in the moment slips in.  Try your hardest to live like this is all there is + appreciate it...all of it because, when you go back sometimes it is gone...know that something fills its place + is even sometimes better, but be sure that when you turn your back on something you have thought it through. Life changes...people + places change. So don't let anything slip away that you are not ready to lose.

image via jaclynpage tumblr

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