August 15, 2012

Don Henley...Tunes For A Tuesday's interesting to think back to being a child when life was simpler + the idea of happily ever after meant something so different than it does as you get older. I suppose because at the heart of it, we are always the same despite the years that pass. We venture on to new places, meet new people with the innocence of a child + the expectation that good things will happen. There is something to the saying that, no matter how old you get, you must never lose the wonder of being a child. Someone I am just getting to know said it's about the journey...and although it is filled with twists + turns, it truly is. It's about the new places, the people + experiences that make up what happily ever after means. And although that may change as you change...that's ok in fact, that's the beautiful part of the flexibility of life. Once you let go of what you thought it would all look like well,  that's when it begins to truly take shape.

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