September 18, 2012

Cat Power...Tunes for a Tuesday

I have always found it curious the things you remember + I suppose the things you remember to forget. What makes something stick ? Strange how sometimes the smallest things stick...perhaps because they fit perfectly into the tiny holes we accumulate in the heart over time. While listening to the latest Cat Power album I thought of a tiny moment from a long time ago that somehow has always stuck. It was in a small shop in the West Village, my sister + I had wandered in + although we have shared a lifetime of moments, this one stuck. I remember it over + again for some reason on various days across many years. The store was a narrow little space, dimly lit + filled with all sorts of odds + ends from a pocket sized deck of tarot cards to a Jesus for your dashboard. I remember the salesgirl distinctly, she had on a little red dress with black polka dots, glasses + a pair of converse high tops. I asked her what music was playing, Cat Power she said. And maybe because it was how she said it or our mood but, we just started laughing...that's what I remember, my sister's laughter. Memory is exquisite that way, it fills the tiny holes + captures just what you need to carry with you.

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