November 22, 2012

For Today...

Each morning when I wake,  before I open my eyes I think about what I am most thankful for. Sometimes it is not yet present in my life... rather something I hope for, will work towards or know will make me a better, stronger person. It's a simple exercise to continue to seek the positive + actively expand it in my life. In the course of a day it's easy to get off track but, if you focus on being thankful for everything that is present and presented in your life...even when you fall off course or something doesn't work out, there is the beautiful reminder that you are in control of all the good that is presently in your life + on it's way to you.  If you consistently focus on the positive it can only expand. For today, take a few minutes at different points in the day to think about what you most want + deserve in your life. Spend a few minutes thinking about all that you are thankful for. And, simply put...act from a place of gratitude, always...goodness will continue to find it's way to you, just remember to let it in.

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