November 28, 2012

Radiohead...Tunes For Today

 Life can be broken down in many different ways but at the core, life is simply about the exchange of energy. When you resonate highest is when, you exchange energy with people whose energy is light, positive and meets you exactly where you are. It is not always easy to find people who let you be who you are + appreciate you for who you are but, when you do the exchange of energy can be truly powerful. The key is to just let things be, let them flow rather than getting in their way. The idea of keeping things simple constantly repeats in my thoughts. Over + again I seek the simplicity in every exchange or encounter I have. Around my wrist a bracelet with the inscription  BE sits. The simplest reminder to BE...calm, present, honest, simple and most importantly...BE as I am. There is beauty in the idea of it...the simplicity of knowing that who you are will be enough + that energetically, you will attract precisely the souls, experiences + moments that are meant to be yours. Stay open + most importantly stay simple.

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