November 24, 2012

Taken By The Artwork of Helen Frankenthaler...

Taken by the artwork of the late Helen Frankenthaler. With a technique of staining canvases and letting the colors slip into each other, her work brings to life the notion that everything does find it's rightful place + that the imperfect is in fact the most perfect. She has been noted as saying that, she didn't know what she was doing, trying to get at something but, didn't know what it was until it was manifest. Her artwork is a beautiful lesson in the idea of release. The reminder that is is ok to not be sure exactly where you are going as long as you are actively staying in the moment. The idea that if you release the fears + anything that is holding you back from simply being in the moment, what is meant to manifest will indeed be...and once you release what is holding you back, the momentum that is life will naturally move you forward + inevitably something beautiful will be created.

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