December 11, 2012

For Today...

...there are moments where you sit with someone + they recognize you for who you are. Despite your flaws + uncertainties they see you...the real you. It is important to have these encounters to remind us who we are. In a world where we are not always understood + commonly find ourselves settling for situations that are not quite what we deserve, it is these encounters that gently remind us to be sure that we get what we need. Nobody will ever be able to tell you what you need, only you will know that. Nobody will be able to give you what you need, that too you will have to provide for yourself. The only thing you can do is continue to do your best + realize that if you are lucky to find people who not only see you for who you are...truly who you are + also let you be who you are...sometimes flawed, other times complicated but often have won half the battle. For today be who you are + know what you deserve.

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